Agreement of Understanding

This Services Agreement is between:
My Heart and Hands, LLC


My Heart and Hands, LLC will provide Client with one or more of the services outlined in the Scope of Work.


Medical Appointment Advocacy
Shopping and Errand Services
Event Planning
Computer Basics
Resource Information
Home Assessment
Transition Assistance

Limitation of Liability: Christie Duncan and My Heart and Hands, LLC will not be held liable. Services are provided to Clients with the best of intentions and the Clients’ best interest at heart. Clients are acting on their own volition, or are receiving services per the instructions of a Client who is a responsible family member, or POA. Personal decisions, actions and their outcomes will be the responsibility of said Clients.

My Heart and Hands, LLC’s aggregate monetary liability to Client for any reason and for any and all causes of action, whether in contract, tort, or otherwise, will not exceed the amount that Client has paid to My Heart and Hands, LLC for services rendered.

Amendment:  This Agreement may be amended only by a written document.

Termination: This Agreement may be terminated by the written agreement of the parties. However, the termination of this Agreement will not relieve a party of obligations that have accrued before the termination.

Exclusions: Services requiring a medical professional will not be provided by                              My Heart and Hands, LLC. Services requiring a financial adviser or professional will also not be provided.

Date effective:

Christie Duncan, Director, My Heart and Hands, LLC

Client Signature and Date

My Heart and Hands, LLC


PO Box 2276
Gresham, OR 97030