Terri Johnsen, a client’s daughter writes:

Dear Christie,

“I’d like to take a moment to tell you just how much my Dad adored you. I feel very confident that if Dad were still here, he would be singing your praise. For Dad and my family, thank you.

For me as his daughter, distance was an issue. Your professional services were not only needed but appreciated greatly. You always took the greatest care in all of my Dads needs. Not only did you make sure his Dr appointments were made, but your professionalism in handling medical notes, prescriptions, and future Dr appointments was superb. You did it all with his dignity and privacy being respected. Dad thought of you as his friend as well as his professional care helper.

I would highly recommend you in the capacity of safe driving, care giver, Dr appointment scheduler, reminder, note taker, ect. If there is a need for extra help and it is on your list of services, a person would be lucky to have you.

When you chose “My Heart and Hands” for your business name, you chose perfectly! From the bottom of my heart, and the praise of my Dad, I thank you for being the care giver and professional that any person would want taking care of their loved one.”

Cyndi Furseth, Saint Helens

Service:  Home Assessment

Cyndi writes:

“While caring for my aging parents, working a  full time + job, and trying to have a life, I really needed an outside (the family), independent, objective assessment of how my parents were doing in their home. I was unsure if we needed to consider making other arrangements, and what assistance, if any, would be available. The lists of what didn’t work, and who can’t and/or won’t help, had pretty well been exhausted over the course of the past year, so I was at my wits end.

Then I saw a presentation by “My Heart and Hands, LLC at an Employee Assistance Program Association luncheon. I immediately knew that this could be the answer to my prayers. Living in a rural area I was unsure whether or not the travel would be a barrier that couldn’t be overcome, but I decided to see if it was at all feasible, or if something else could be recommended.

What I found was someone who was more than willing to travel and spend the appropriate amount of time to do a complete review with each of my parents – both together and independently. Because of the open, caring demeanor of Christie Duncan, both of my parents completely opened up and she got more information than I had in the last five years. It was amazing to watch them tell someone things I had no idea were issues!

Christie gave my parents a sense of hope, the feeling that they have some semblance of control over their lives and the things that affect them, and most importantly, that we care. The assessment alone gave us an opportunity to discuss things as a family that we had not previously considered, and gave us ideas for how our parents’ lives can be the best they can be.

Christie gave us many ideas and resources we had been previously unaware of, and lists of other advocates that we can turn to. She also gave us food for thought for preparing for various situations, which had not been on our screen. I wish I had found such a wonderful resource several years ago!

Furthermore, Christie’s interest in our family didn’t end when she walked out the door. She followed up with a well written and thoughtful report, which we will use for years to come. And if I ever get to that, “Where do I turn?”, phase again, I’ll know exactly where to turn!

I would (and do!) highly recommend that anyone in any phase of caring for aging parents, or elder care, avail themselves of this wonderful service. I am quite certain you will be provided peace of mind about whether or not you are doing the right thing, and what you can do differently, or better”.

W. Anderson, Gresham client writes:

“I learned about Christie’s business, My Heart and Hands, LLC, through an article in the Gresham Outlook. I also visited her web site, but it was talking with her on the phone that gave me the confidence that we would work well together.

While I don’t require many of Christie’s services, I do appreciate having her available for my transportation needs. She is prompt, flexible, congenial and a person of integrity. I would recommend Christie to work in this capacity for other seniors”.

Sarah Taylor, Key Bank Relationship Manager writes:

“Christie, I have to tell you how very helpful all of this information has been for me. Shortly after our meeting my own 86 year old grandmother took a fall and continued to have dangerous falls daily for about a week. We eventually found that she had a very bad kidney infection as the cause. The information you sent me helped my family and myself be better equipped to handle this very scary experience. We are getting her a subscription to alert service, too. Thank you from my family”.

Marie Daniels, Communications Coach (me out loud) writes:

“I was chair of a group that invited Christie to give a presentation on balancing care for aging parents and running a business. She was thoughtful, knowledgeable, and compassionate. Since then I’ve had the opportunity to recommend her to a number of friends and colleagues and have felt comfortable that they would receive the same attention to their concerns as we did. I would recommend Christie as both a resource and service provider to anyone who finds themselves in a care giving position, especially with seniors”.